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Exhibit Closing: Karin Swildens' It Takes A Village

A Closing visit with Sculptor Karin Swilden Sunday, Dec 2, 2 -3 pm

Visit with featured Sculptor, Karin Swildens as her exhibit closes. Karin will discuss her love of sculpting and the inspiration for her imaginative work.


I feel the urge; Of a sculpture; As a bubble in my belly; Similar to the stirrings; Of a new life within

This bubble; Needs a meaning; A reason to be; So I have to stay still; And listen and look inside; ; And find the place; Of Abundance; Abundance offers; An inexhaustible; Flow of ideas

My bliss is to choose One; Follow it track it; Catch it keep it and; Cover it with layers; Of Clay; So it becomes a SHAPE; A solid FORM; That we can SEE; With our naked eyes


Karin Swildens