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'A View Through The Lens' featuring artist Chris Shouse, an interactive exhibit

Chris Shouse, ‘Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, I have an attachment to nature and our role in it. I look towards natural objects when searching for flow and beauty. Even during my time deployed as a soldier in the United States Army, I found myself often inspecting things around me, more marveled than afraid. I have recently braved the waters of abstract art, marrying influences of my past experiences with my current interests and passions. I believe each work to be a composition viewed through a lens’.

Chris is excited to share his artwork through this interactive exhibit. He asks that you help in the completion of the series by casting your vote on the final painting. Come Vote! and the results will be shared at the close of the exhibit.

Chris now lives in Long Beach, CA and his abstract paintings will be complimented by the figurative sculptures of Susan Erikson Hawkins.

Susan Erikson Hawkins is an artist native to southern California who lives and works in Long Beach. Her figurative sculptures in polychrome plaster, bronze, terracotta, and steel evoke a sense of turbulent motion and inner conflict. The artist utilizes the unique properties of the material to create an integration between the structural and aesthetic development of the sculptures. 

Jazz guitarist, Frank Potenza will provide musical accompaniment during the exhibit opening. Frank is a protege of the late, great Joe Pass and an active  composer and performer with nine solo albums to his credit.

Note: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to benefit US American Veterans through ‘Rock for Vets’.