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'The Shapes and Colors of the West' - June 2nd Reception

Come experience the vivid paintings of Theresa Paden, inspired by the Fauves and the fluid and dynamic glass sculptures of Marcus Thesing on June 2nd from 1 to 4 pm.

Exhibit reception for ‘The Shapes and Colors of the West’ on Sunday, June 2nd. Exhibit features the vivid paintings of Theresa Paden and the fluid glass sculptures of Marcus Thesing. The reception will feature additional information by the artists about their work.

The Gallery is having a summer drawing for an incredible gift basket featuring a coffee set with beans from the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) Company. The ENP is located in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand and founded by Lek Chailert, it is a mission to rescue and restore abused Asian Elephants . Lek founded the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) to create a “forever home” for the elephants to live freely.  ENP’s mission is to provide the resources to rescue endangered elephants through the preserve and to serve up delicious shade grown coffee as a funding source. See ENP Coffee Company at for further information on their work.